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Over-sized t-shirt printing service in Singapore is a great way to make your own customized over-sized t-shirts for any occasion.

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Do you need customized oversized t-shirt printing?

You may be interested in our oversized t-shirt printing service in Singapore near you.

Bulk oversized printing t-shirts and other clothes printing might be one of the most cost-effective methods of getting your design on apparel. Our direct to garment printing service provides all of the advantages of normal screen printing, plus bigger coverage.

This print process is ideal if you like the look of screen printing but need a wider print area. In addition, we can Pantone match our inks to your specifications.

While customized oversized t-shirt printing allows for more coverage, it does not allow for seam-to-seam printing. If you need seam-to-seam printing, all-over sublimation printing is probably a better choice.

5 Benefits of oversize t-shirt Printing

  1. Inexpensive for big print runs.
  2. Quick turnaround, which is great for tight deadlines or large orders.
  3. Highest quality, with all printing and finishing done in the Singapore.
  4. Pantone color matching is possible.
  5. Excellent for screen printing t-shirts that need a lot of coverage.

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How Does Oversized Screen Printing on T-Shirts and Garments Work?

The procedure is quite similar to regular screen printing. A chemical emulsion is applied to a mesh surface to create a screen. The artwork is printed on film paper or vellum. The screen is then placed on a light table, with the artwork underneath it. The light hardens the chemicals surrounding the design, while the chemical breaks down where the light did not travel through. The screen is then washed, leaving just the area where the light struck.

The garment is then put on a plate, and the colors of the print are built up using numerous screens. After placing a screen on a garment, a squeegee is drawn over the ink color of that screen, pushing the ink into the product’s fabric. The screen is then taken off of the product. The platen containing the product is subsequently positioned under a flash unit to dry. The garment platen is returned after drying, and the next color screen is swung over the top of it. The whole procedure is mechanized using cutting-edge gear.

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Why Us?

No Minimum Quantity T-shirt Printing

No minimum order tshirt printing is a great way to save money on your business. When you need to print shirts for an event, it is not necessary that you order a large number of them. You can just order the number of shirts that are needed for the event and then get them printed.

Fast T-shirt Printing Service

Fast, easy, and affordable way to create t-shirts for your business, event or giveaway then look no further! We use the finest quality inks and printing equipment to get your order printed and shipped as quickly as possible.

High Quality Custom T-shirt Printing

We offer a wide variety of high-quality custom T-shirts for your business or event. Our T-shirts are printed with the most durable inks and quickest DTG printers.

Quick Tip?

Do you know what format your artwork should be in for custom t-shirt printing in Singapore? More information may be found here. Do you need design assistance? Check out this online designing tool.