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Is Sports T-Shirt Printing for you? As you may know, sports are a big part of the culture of many countries, and they’re often more than just a pastime. Sports can bring people together and create lasting memories.The best way to show your team spirit is by wearing custom-made sports t-shirts with the emblem or logo of your favorite team. When people see you wearing the shirt, they’ll get reminded of how great your team is!

Dry fit t-shirt printing for sports

Dry fit t-shirt is a type of athletic apparel that’s designed to be lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. It’s ideal for all sorts of sports, including running and swimming. These materials are often made from polyester, spandex or nylon.The advantage here is that dry fit clothing keeps you cool during rigorous physical activity—meaning you won’t have to worry about being too hot and uncomfortable while working out. This is especially important if you’re playing in a climate where it’s humid outside (like Singapore) or if there are high temperatures on your team’s schedule (for example: basketball season).Dry fit can also help keep sweat away from your body when you’re playing sports like football, baseball or soccer—which prevents chafing under the arms or between the legs while providing maximum comfort through multiple layers of fabric so that there’s no friction against sweaty skin surfaces during exercise routines like running laps around an indoor track during warm weather months!

Direct-to-garment sports t-shirt printing

Direct-to-garment (DTG) is a digital printing method where the image of your design is printed directly onto the t-shirt. This direct approach gives you a lot of flexibility and control over your printing, so it’s great for small runs or complex designs. DTG is capable of producing full color designs, which makes it perfect for sports tees that need to display vibrant colors.

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No Minimum Quantity T-shirt Printing

No minimum order tshirt printing is a great way to save money on your business. When you need to print shirts for an event, it is not necessary that you order a large number of them. You can just order the number of shirts that are needed for the event and then get them printed.

Fast T-shirt Printing Service

Fast, easy, and affordable way to create t-shirts for your business, event or giveaway then look no further! We use the finest quality inks and printing equipment to get your order printed and shipped as quickly as possible.

High Quality Custom T-shirt Printing

We offer a wide variety of high-quality custom T-shirts for your business or event. Our T-shirts are printed with the most durable inks and quickest DTG printers.

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Do you know what format your artwork should be in for custom t-shirt printing in Singapore? More information may be found here.Do you need design assistance? Check out this online designing tool.

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Types of inks to use

  • Printing on dark-colored garments
  • Discharge inks. These are water-based inks that make the garment appear to be a different color. They “discharge” (remove) the color from the fabric and leave you with a lighter shade of your chosen color. This is especially effective on black and navy blue T-shirts, as well as some other dark colors like maroon and olive green.
  • Water-based inks, which dry quickly and don’t require drying time before washing or wearing (this makes them good for kids’ t-shirts). However, these tend to fade more easily than plastisol or puff ink prints (which are described below). Water-based prints also can look a little less vibrant than other types of printing because they don’t soak into fabric like plastisol or puff inks do—they just sit on top of it.
  • Use plastisol ink if you need something durable that will last through many washes without fading away too quickly (these are great for dry fit t-shirt). Plastisol is thicker than regular ink and tends to stay put better than other kinds of textile printing because it’s absorbed into fabric instead of sitting atop it like water based inks do (which makes them ideal for printing children’s clothes where they might get dirty often).

Screen printing on sportswear

If you are in the market for screen printing on sportswear, there are a few things to consider. First of all, it is not suitable for small orders and complex designs. Screen printing is more expensive than other methods because it uses a stencil, which means that any color changes or variations need to be made by hand and take longer than other methods where they don’t require hand-made parts (like digital printing). However, if you have a large order of shirts with the same design (and don’t mind paying extra) screen printing may be the way to go!

The best material to choose for sports t shirt printing

The material of your sports t-shirts printing should be light, breathable, and moisture-wicking. It should also be durable and easy to wash. These are all important factors for an athletic or active lifestyle, as you can use them for both training and competition. You may even want to try out a few different brands to see which one works best for you!

If you need custom sports team shirts, we will help you print them exactly as you want.

When you’re creating custom sports gear, there are several factors to consider. The first is which ink you want to use and how it will hold up over time. If you are printing on t-shirts or other fabric, we recommend using water-based inks as they are the best option for athletic wear. They also dry fast and don’t crack or peel off after repeated washing cycles.Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is another option that could be great for your design projects if you want them done quickly and in high volume—but this method does require some extra care since it uses heat to transfer ink directly onto fabric instead of a screen print process like screen printers typically use. You need garments made from 100% cotton so that they absorb the ink well; otherwise DTG will not work properly!

If you don’t have room inside your gym bag or locker room, try our dry fit clothing instead: these garments keep moisture away when working out while still allowing sweat evaporation so that athletes stay cool throughout their workout sessions without worrying about being uncomfortable due to wetness issues!

Is Sports T-shirt Printing for you?

Well printed t-shirt is great for any school or class events and gathering

There are many factors that come into play when deciding whether or not t-shirt printing is for you. The first thing to consider is what kind of material do you want? Do you want something that will last for a long time, or something that will be thrown away after one use?

The most common applications for best sport t-shirt printing in Singapore

T-shirt printing is ideal for low-volume orders due to the nature of the process. A more comprehensive list of common goods appropriate for transfer printing may be seen below.