Printing t-shirts in Singapore has become very common due to t-shirt is currently a highly popular casual wear item that is worn by both men and women. They are not only timeless, but also stable elements that you may utilize to establish your fashion style, especially in the summer. T-shirts are also an excellent canvas on which to print your message.

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For many individuals, printing t-shirts allows them to not only design and produce distinctive apparel, but also to send messages and interact with others. With the evolution of T-shirt printing and the rise of online printing, it is critical that you are aware of the following facts:

Colors are not 100% guaranteed.

T-shirt printing online allows consumers to select colors for their custom t-shirt designs based on the designs they have on their computers. This might cause problems since the colors in your design may seem different when printed on an actual t-shirt. When selecting colors, especially shades of a given pure hue, keep in mind that the color may shift significantly during the process. Because various fabrics absorb color differently, the appearance of your t-shirt may change somewhat. A variety of additional circumstances during printing may potentially impact the look of colors on your t-shirt. As a result, you should be aware that color accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Printing: Old vs. New

Printing technology has evolved dramatically over the years. The development of the internet resulted in the emergence of online printing. Is it the advancement in printing technology that has enabled online printing? With many individuals wanting to put their own design on their t-shirts, technology progressed from conventional silk screen printing, which required extensive preparation and was only practicable for mass printing, to digital and easy-to-use direct-to-garment printing. A particular design may now be printed on a single t-shirt without any difficulty.

Today, silk screening is ideal for bulk printing, whereas direct to garment printing is ideal for printing a single or a few pieces. It is vital to highlight that the two technologies have significant variances. DTG, for example, allows for more intricate prints with an unlimited number of colors, which silk screen printing may not be able to match. This may have an impact on the final output.

Label Printing on the Inside or Outside

Label printing is a critical component of the t-shirt printing industry. T-shirt labels reveal the size of the item, the maker, the location of manufacturing, the materials information, and the suggested care recommendations. When deciding which colors to use for label printing, the usage of inside or outside labels becomes vital. For example, if you’re working on lighter-colored t-shirts, don’t use darker colors to print the inner labels since they’ll be visible from the outside.

T-shirt printing in Singapore allows for quick modification of t-shirt designs. To get the most out of them, you must understand essential issues such as whether the color is assured, how new and old printing methods function, and why you should pick between inner and exterior labels for different materials.