What is the best method to print name on football jersey in Singapore? Shirt printing methods employed vary for different shirt materials and qualities, especially with different events and functions. But there is one point which we have in common. We all have at least one jersey that we reach for to play our lovely sports such as Football.

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Similar to NYP shirts with their lightweight and fast sweat-removing material that beats the humidity and heat of Singapore, jersey shirts such as football and basketball ones easily become the top choice of not only athletes and sports players but practically everyone. Another factor to consider for it to be part of your daily wear is the shirt’s stretchability and flexibility which give room for plenty of movement.

In football, wearing jerseys is important! Not only does it signify which team you belong to, but it also displays sportsmanship and reflects healthy competition. But where can you print name on football jersey in Singapore? This is where you’d need a set of high-quality piece which can be done by one of the printing shops in Queenstown Shopping Centre Singapore if you are staying nearby, or perhaps with Print on Demand Singapore!

If you are part of the football team and are planning to have their name printed on jersey for everyone on the team, but has no clue where to begin, deciding on the jersey’s printing method is a good first step. Below are several you would want to go over and consider based on your needs!

Shirt Printing Method – Silkscreen printing

shirt printing method silkscreen to print name on jersey

Silkscreen printing is a process that transfers a design onto a fabric layer through a screen (like a mesh). Following a particular design, a screen is cut out to create a big stencil of it. To start off, a shirt is placed on a pallet. The screen is then pressed over it to let the ink transfer onto the shirt. Optimum cost-efficiency can be achieved via silkscreen printing for doing 50pcs and above with the same design and a few numbers of colors in the artwork.

This means that the more you print, the lesser it will cost you. This highly economical method is the best option for when you are printing a large batch with only one or very few designs.

Silkscreen printing is also the popular choice for large artwork i.e. A4 size and above. This shirt printing technique is very economical for large quantities. It creates durable designs and generally runs at high speed with less number of designs so you can expect a shorter lead time.

This technique is an excellent solution for customized class t-shirts printing, corporate uniforms, and even plain t-shirts for events due to its vibrant finishing and durability. If you are looking to work on bulk orders, you might want to consider screen printing.

One particular thing you have to remember with this is that it requires extra care to maintain the design in the long run. You have to wash the shirt inside out in cold water and hang dry or dry on low. Otherwise, the product will eventually fade or crack (surely you have come across this before).

This method produces a bright fabric with a softer feel to touch. If you have come across shirts with inks coming off and you notice you can sort of peel off the cracking designs, that is most likely screen printing!

You could also consider screen printing your custom design onto your football jersey with us! Check these famous artists for your future inspirations if you’d like to stick to this path!

Shirt Printing Method –Embroidery 

embroidery to print name on jersey

This technique creates the toughest and most durable printed design of all. It is not your usual printing technique. Embroidery requires a digitizing process where your design is converted into a format that is recognized by the machine. Then, the embroidery method will directly be stitched on your apparel. This digitizing process is independent of the total number of colors in your artwork. Embroidery is a highly-rated technique for corporate t-shirts and uniforms as it portrays a professional image with elegant finishing.

While this shirt printing method will look good on any fabric, it is not necessarily the best for all. Due to the stitches, it might carry a bit of weight that will drape the fabric. Especially for a jersey, the single-knitted fabric might be too slinky for embroidery. You have to create a simpler design that is easily recognizable by the machine.

It is also recommended that you use only solid colors and not include a gradient tone on your design as it might be difficult to translate into embroidery stitches.

Shirt Printing Method – Vinyl Printing

shirt printing method vinyl to print name on jersey

Longevity is a matter of certainty with this shirt printing method. Offering high-quality and lasting results with an end design that will not fade or crack, vinyl printing uses a combination of heat and heavy pressure to apply the vinyl to garments. A machine is used to shape and cut the vinyl until it transforms into designs. The main process includes pressing cut-out vinyl stickers of a certain design onto fabrics through heat-press. This way, it allows you to print on-off slogans or small multi-color graphics designs in large amounts.

The good thing is that the sticker is printed and shaped individually which makes this printing technique excellent for ordering multiple distinct designs. Because of the personalized stickers, it is commonly used for jersey printing as different names and numbers can be placed on different parts of a jersey. It would also be a feasible option if you are ordering in small quantities.

Heat transfer printing is best for sportswear printing and designs with shadows and gradient tones. Expectedly, it operates at a slower speed compared to certain shirt printing techniques as each shirt needs its own setup. If you plan to print a large batch, this way can be a bit time-consuming and cost-ineffective. It is still one of the preferred ways due to the quality of finished products!

Shirt Printing Method – Direct-to-Garment (DTG)

where to print name on jersey

Differing from previous printing methods, Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) incorporates the latest technology of apparel printing in Singapore where the inks are directly printed onto the fabric. Many have even said DTG is superior to silkscreen printing. It resembles using a printer, except instead of paper it prints on textiles using special inkjet technology. It can support the most detailed design with as many colors as you want.

DTG uses special water-based inks that are absorbed by the fibers of the garment. With this technique, you can print name on football jersey without any loss of details. The design is printed horizontally and layered starting from the base (normally the white ink) followed by colored inks to form the desired design. You can also opt for no base color to let the inks react directly with the fabric. This will create a more vintage look to the design.

This technique is particularly recommended for small batches. While this method will certainly produce products with better finishing in comparison to others listed here, it might still not work best on the fabric of the jersey, especially if it is not made up of a certain percentage of cotton. However, if you are all about the ‘Going Green’ life, you would love this. It is environmentally friendly as it utilizes water-based inks. There will be no wastage as the process does not include paper or any other disposable medium!

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 Where to print name on jersey in Singapore?

While all printing techniques give you great results, not all are suitable for your needs. Shirt printing Methods like embroidery, vinyl printing, and direct-to-garment printing would never crack or fade under different circumstances and thus require very little maintenance. On the other hand, screen printing requires a higher maintenance to ensure the longevity of the designs but it is highly cost-effective and will give you a good feel to touch.

Undoubtedly, embroidery creates the best and toughest design on fabric, but you often would be left with a limited range of colors as you can hardly work gradient tone with it. DTG printing offers maximum detailing in its design, but it is not cost-effective for large batches and is more suited for cotton fabrics.

Furthermore, you can get similar end results with vinyl printing. Above all, vinyl printing allows individualized words and numbers in the design, so there’s the answer you are looking for.

If you are looking for where to print name on jersey, you may wish to contact Print on Demand Singapore for more inquiry!