Vinyl t-shirt printing is not the same as silk screen printing or embroidery. The design is printed onto a vinyl sheet, which is then cut to size and bonded to the t-shirt. Embroidery, on the other hand, is a design that is sewed into the fabric rather than printed on it.

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When developing a custom t-shirt design, you have various printing options to pick from, whether you’re printing shirts for your office workers or making a unique gift for a friend. Some of the most prevalent printing methods include vinyl transfer printing, silk screen shirt printing, and embroidery. Both offer advantages, and the choice must be made based on which is best for your scenario. So what are the 3 benefits of using vinyl t-shirt printing method in Singapore?

Vinyl T-shirt Printing is Simple

vinyl-t-shirt-printing -is-simple

When it comes to vinyl printing method, the process is known for its simplicity. Unlike silkscreen printing, you don’t need years of experience in the printing industry to use this printing method, which makes it a fantastic option for beginners. You can also accommodate a heat press machine without sacrificing a lot of floor space. Vinyl t-shirt printing also allows you to print on a variety of materials, use various unique colors, patterns and textures, and print on different parts of clothing. You can even do wraparound prints, which other processes might not accommodate.

Vinyl T-shirt Printing is Cheap


Vinyl t-shirt printing is a low-cost option for modest orders that results in a long-lasting, high-quality finish. If you simply want to print one shirt for that particular friend, or if you want to print football jerseys for your team, group of friends, or corporate shirt for your small company, this is the perfect solution.

With this option, you may print in full color, giving your design a life of its own. Because the colors are vibrant, your design will shine out on whatever color t-shirt you pick with vinyl t-shirt printing in Singapore.

Vinyl T-shirt Printing is Versatile

vinyl-t-shirt -printing-is-versatile

Screen printing requires a lighter-colored clothing, whereas vinyl printing allows you to wear a black T-shirt and have your design visible to everyone around you, regardless of the color of the garment.

You can also easily arrange your design where you want it. You may choose to have the design printed across the full front or back of the plain t-shirt, or you can have it show only in the top corner. Making the final selection is totally up to the individual, allowing them to enjoy their new design while ensuring it stands out.

Vinyl T-shirt Printing Delivers Fast


The shirt is ready to wear as soon as the design is printed and placed on it, which is the last advantage of employing vinyl t-shirt printing. You can utilize this as a last-minute solution for those crucial duties that require a shirt right now.

The production process is speedy and simple, and the quality of the outcome is top-notch. What you see is what you get. You can print on colored fabric and textile without worrying about color shifts and don’t need to worry about ink spills damaging the clothing.

The best part of selecting vinyl printing method is that you can make as many as you want, with no minimum order requirement. You can go ahead and print either a single piece or even a thousand pieces as wholesale shirt bulk orders without worrying that the vinyl printing machine could not handle.

Keep in mind that the printing process usually takes seven to ten days. Orders must be placed at least two weeks before the scheduled delivery date. Using the printer’s own t-shirts can make t-shirt printing easier and more efficient. To assure on-time delivery of lesser assignments, employ vinyl t-shirt printing.

In Conclusion

Now that you know vinyl has so many printing benefits, would you consider it next given that there are so many other methods which you could employ for your next printing session!

However, always remember to set a budget for yourself before you begin looking for print providers. When choosing a company for your custom clothes needs, a trustworthy reputation and high-quality printed clothing in Singapore are more crucial factors than price.

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